Three Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

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Hair loss is a common problem affecting millions of people across the globe. There are different hair loss treatments of which the one which has gained immense popularity is Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a subcategory of the Follicular Unit Transplantation. The results of the FUE are great lasting for many years to come. An increasing number of people are choosing India as the destination for undergoing this procedure. The quality treatment, care and assistance provided by Indian doctors and their staff are second to none. Also, the cost of the plastic surgery procedures in India is comparatively low making it the most popular destination for medical tourism.

Even though FUE is relatively a new technique, it is the most preferred option among those suffering from hair loss. Most plastic surgeons specialising in hair transplant procedures recommend this method. The results are permanent and visually pleasing.

We bring you a few main benefits of FUE.

The Absence of a Linear Scar

This is one of the prime reasons why people opt for this treatment over other available methods. It is an ideal treatment choice for those who prefer to wear their hair short at the back because the donor site looks unaltered and unaffected.

Fast Healing

In comparison to other hair loss treatment methods, FUE needs a shorter healing span. Patients can recover in a few days since the technique does not involve the use of sutures or scalpel. Consequently, there are minimal limitations on strenuous physical activities in the initial few days after the procedure. Full recovery takes nearly seven to ten days.

Large Harvesting Area

FUE is one method that offers the potential of expansion of donor hair reserves. This especially stands true for patients who have high recipient demand and low donor hair supply. It is believed that additional grafts can be harvested on a patient who has depleted their donor using the FUT technique. In some situations, hair reserves of the donor can be expanded including the beard, abdomen and chest.

Minimal Post-Procedure Discomfort

The plastic surgeons take care of the comfort of the patient. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia just like the one used in dental procedures. You can drive home after the procedure. In case of discomfort, the doctor recommends mild analgesics. Moreover, because of the non-invasive nature of this treatment approach, the chances of developing infection afterwards are extremely low.

To know exactly what this method is all about and how it can help you get rid of the problem of hair loss, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon in India.

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Hair Transplant Surgery – How Long It Takes To See The Hair Growth?

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Hair Transplant Surgery can do wonders for those who are suffering from the problem of hair loss or baldness. The procedure aims at re-growing the lost hair. In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most effective and safe treatment to bring back hair on the scalp that too permanently.

When can you expect to get hair grow back after a hair transplant procedure?

If you are considering undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure, it is important for you to understand the process of hair re-growth properly. It is important to know that Hair Transplant is not a miracle. It will take time to witness the results. If the procedure is performed today then do not expect to see hair re-growth tomorrow. You should have the detailed information regarding the surgery including the post-surgery developments.

After the hair restoration is completed, the grafts that have been harvested and transplanted to the balding part endure some shock that makes them go into the resting stage. You will witness some hair shedding because of this temporary hair shedding. However, there is no need to worry as this is common after the transplant procedure.

The rate at which hair shedding occurs is different and varies from patient to patient. Starting from partial shedding to complete shedding, it can occur in any pattern. This phase of hair shedding starts three to four weeks after the procedure and can last till three to four months. Your hair transplant surgeon might prescribe some medication for hair shedding.

It takes nearly four months for the beginning of the development of the transplanted grafts. In the initial phases, the development may be thin because every graft might not develop at the same time. This is mainly because the distribution of the development cycle is random, and every hair is in the phase of development at a particular point of time.

It is about six months later that your hair starts becoming lengthier, strong and denser. Full development and growth of hair will take almost a year after the hair transplant surgery.

If you want to get the best and most effective results from the hair transplant surgery then India is a destination to be. You can easily find some of the leading and renowned Plastic Surgeons have experience and expertise in performing this procedure. Also, you do not have to worry about spending a whopping amount of your saving as the cost of the procedure is reasonable. Instead of living with the hair loss, you can now get rid of this problem by undergoing this surgery.

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