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Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant clinic can provide cosmetic surgical treatment for baldness. Bald head causes humiliation and embarrassment for men. There are many other remedies for hair loss. However their results may vary person to person. Most of the remedies can prevent hair loss however there are really very less chances to regrow the hairs that are already lost.

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which own hairs of patient taken out from donor area are transplanted in the area that has less or no hair at all. Thus patients can have hairs in all areas of their heads in equal density.

Hair transplant surgery cost varies center to center. The overall cost depends on various factors such as expertise and experience of the surgeon performing the surgery, efficiency of his team, location of his clinic, charges for usage of equipment, medication for pain relief and some other factors.

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Initially cosmetic surgeons prepare a plan to execute the surgery according to specific amount of lost hairs of every patient. Usually affected area would be the top central portion of head. Hairs grow in normal way on sides and back of the head. Surgeons use this fact and take out hairs from back of the head area which is known as donor area.

Surgeons dissect the scalp and take out a strip measuring between 15 to 25 centimeters depending on the bald area. They numb the donor area before making this dissection. The team of assistants make number of grafts by dividing this strip. In another method they shave some part of donor area and remove hair follicles one by one from there.

They make very small holes in the scalp of bald area using fine needle or a scalpel. Then they place the graft or hair follicles one in each hole. Thus patients will have hair in bald area in proportionate density with other parts of head.

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Major Procedures for Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure for replacing patient’s own hair from a donor area to area where he has less or no hairs. This is a popular remedy for hair loss especially baldness that cosmetic surgeons perform according to amount of baldness in every patient.

The magnitude of hairs taken from donor area depends on the area that needs hairs transplanted on it.

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Donor area: Usually own hairs of the patient are taken from back of the head. This is the area where hairs grow as usual. This area is referred to as donor area.

Bald area: This area needs hairs to be transplanted on it as there will be less or no hairs. This is usually central top portion of head of the patient.

There are two major procedures for hair transplant surgery already mention at :

FUE hair transplant: This procedure is known as Follicle Unit Extraction. In this process surgeons shave some part of donor area and pick hair follicles ideally one at a time. Hairs grow naturally within some days on the shaved area after the surgery. Later they numb the bald area and make tiny holes in it on regular distances using a sharp needle or scalpel. This forms the base for hair transplant. With the help of assistant surgeons they place one hair follicle in each hole systematically. Thus hairs are transplanted artificially where there are no hairs and patient would get a fuller head with hairs grown in all parts equally.

FUT hair transplant: This procedure is known as Follicle Unit Transplant. In this process surgeons take out a strip of upper layer of skin along with hairs from the donor area. They further dissect this strip in number of grafts. The length of strip taken out and grafts made depends on the bald area. The next process is almost similar. They make holes in bald area and place one graft in each hole. Thus hairs are transplanted on bald area of patients head.

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Hair Transplant to Overcome Baldness and Have Younger Looks

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant surgery can be the best remedy for baldness that is mostly found in men due to heredity, stress or exposure to sunlight and pollution. As the name indicates, it is a procedure in which hair from the donor area of the same patient are transplanted on the area where there are less or no hairs.

Usually baldness is found on the top central area of head and hairs grow normally on sideways and back of the head. Hair transplant surgeon uses the hairs of the same patient for implanting in bald area.

They administer local anesthesia injecting medication inside the scalp so that there would not be any pain to the patient while performing the procedure.

Surgeons either dissect the skin to form a long strip of around 8 to 10 inches and stitch the area that would be immediately covered by surrounding hairs. The team of assistants engaged with the surgeon would further dissect the skin strip into 500 to 2000 small grafts.

In another process surgeons would shave some area on the back of head which is the donor area from the hairs would be taken for transplant. They remove hair follicles from this area ideally one by one. As the growth of hair would be natural in this area, patients would get hair grown naturally within some days.

The next process would be almost same in both the cases. Surgeons numb the bald area of patient’s head and make small holes in it on regular distance using a sharp needle or scalpel. Then along with the team of assistant surgeons they implant one graft or hair follicle in one hole systematically.

Thus patients would have hairs in all the areas of their head after the surgery in desired density and closeness. This is a popular and proven way to overcome baldness and have a younger appearance.

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How to Choose Hair Transplant Doctor Delhi?

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When it comes to hair transplantation procedure, there are so many things that strike your mind. It is understandable that you might be having several doubts and queries regarding the procedure. There is no dearth of surgeons who perform this procedure. With most of them promising to and making claim to offer the best available treatment, choosing the right hair transplant doctor in Delhi is no less than a challenge.


As a future a patient who wants to undergo the knife to restore hair loss, it is important for you to gather as much information as possible about the surgeon. While looking for a specialist hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, make sure he has undergone training in hair procedures, performed successful hair transplant surgeries so far, and of course charge a fee which best suit your pocket. Yes, it is very important to ensure that the cost of surgery suits your budget before making any decision.

Any licensed cosmetic surgeon can perform this procedure; hence it becomes important to choose a surgeon who has gained advanced specialisation or training in this specific procedure. He should not only be skilled in performing hair transplant in terms of medical practices but also have much-required talent required in relation to aesthetics. If the surgeon you select is creatively adept then chances are that you can attain youthful, natural and full hair-do.

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Hair transplant surgeons differ when it comes to prescribing hair restoration procedures and solutions. An experienced and reputed surgeon would study your case carefully before recommending best available options. Given that there are different hair transplant procedures, choosing the right one is important to attain desirable results. Usually, surgeon consults a patient few times before recommending the procedure. If your doctor does the same in first consultation then better think of taking a second or third opinion.

While evaluating career profiles of chosen hair transplant doctor, also find out information about the clinic or medical centre where he is practising. If he has trained and experienced staff along with highly advanced equipment and facility to perform the procedure then you can be assured to get effective results. Running an online search is one of the best ways to narrow down the list of reputed cosmetic surgery clinics in Delhi.

Also, discuss with the surgeon the cost of hair transplant in Delhi. While initial examination and after performing a few tests, he will discuss with you the methods of surgery along with associated cost.  This would help you in making a well-informed and right decision regarding surgery.

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Hair Transplant Surgery Procedures and Surgery Cost

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Hair transplant surgery is the popular remedy for baldness. Patients can get their own hair transplanted in the regions where they have less or no hair. According to the amount of baldness surgeons design and execute cosmetic surgery to remove hairs from back of patient’s head where hair grow as usual and transplant them in terms of grafts or hair follicles in the affected area.

There are two different procedures that cosmetic surgeons adapt for hair transplant surgery.

In the first kind of procedure, initially surgeons inject medicines in the back area of head from where the hairs are supposed to be taken or removed to be transplanted. They remove the upper layer skin of scalp and sew the area from where the skin is removed. This area is covered immediately by adjacent hairs. Then along with their team of assistant surgeons they divide or dissect the skin strip that usually measures between 6 to 10 inches in length depending on the area for transplant, into 500 to 2000 small grafts. Later they transfer these grafts on bald part of patient’s head making holes with a needle or scalpel. This procedure is known as Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT hair transplant.

In the other process, after numbing the back of head portion that is patient’s donor area for hair restorations, surgeons shave some part of this area and remove hair follicles from the area ideally one at a time. The next part is quite similar with the first procedure. Surgeons numb the bald area of patient’s head and make holes in it using a needle or scalpel. They place one hair follicle in each hole that is made on equal distance for better density as a result. Thus patient would get a fuller look of head with equal density of hair in every part. This procedure is known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant.

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Hair surgery in India – Why you should consider it?

Hair surgery in India – Why you should consider it?

If you are suffering from the problem of hair loss or alopecia then you might be well aware of the fact how it can affect, rather damage your looks. Needless to say that hair loss has several consequences including affecting your social life. If you are bearing the brunt of this problem then hair surgery in India can be the best answer to your problem. Investing money in this procedure can reap benefits which you will cherish for many years to come.  If you spend money on several treatments and get no results, the situation would be more worrying. However, it is the best solution available right now for hair loss problem.

One of the key advantages associated with this procedure is that results are long-lasting and a permanent solution. Within a few weeks of the surgery, you will have complete natural growth of hair. Hair surgeon in Delhi ( makes use of the most advanced technique to perform this procedure ensuring quick recovery as well as results.

In this procedure of hair transplant, surgeon transplants hair follicles from donor site to the affected area known as recipient site. Usually, hair loss initiates from the front region and over the period of time covers the entire head. Preventing hair loss timely can impede further loss. There are many people who end-up spending money on different hair treatment but to no use. Instead of experimenting and wasting money of different methods of treatment, is not it viable an option top opt for hair transplant procedure, the best available treatment for baldness?

The entire procedure involves several sittings. Also, there is very possibility that a patient might develop scar however there is no need to worry as you can get rid of it with medication. It might take time to notice visible results; however, results are permanent and long-lasting. Thicker and fuller hair helps you regain lost confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, the success of this surgical procedure depends on the hair surgeon in Delhi you are choosing. Look for a certified and experienced surgeon who is trained to perform such surgeries. There are several things that you should know including the best hair treatment cost in Delhi. Only when you look for the right surgeon, you can expect to get right cost and treatment for the problem of hair loss.  If you are embarrassed because of baldness and are looking for treatment then hair surgery in India can help you achieve the desired goal.

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Hair Transplant Cost and Factors That Cause Variation

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In their mid-thirties or forties many men face consistent hair loss that leads to baldness. There might be several causes of this phenomenon, however the most important cause in heredity. We can see baldness as a common issue in certain families due to genetic reasons.

These people lack nourishment for hair roots especially in upper central part of their head. This is an area with last muscle movements. Thus it is difficult to regain lost hairs from this region.

Good news for bald men is they can approach hair transplant clinic for cosmetic surgery that can help them to have a fuller look of head with hair grown in all areas in equal density. Well, surgery doesn’t grow hairs in affected areas. But surgeons transplant own hairs of patients in areas of head where there are thin or no hair at all.

Hair transplant surgery cost depends on many factors.

  • It mainly depends on experience and expertise of the surgeon undertaking the surgical procedure.
  • Geographical location of the clinic is also an important factor that impacts on cost.
  • Charges for hospital and equipment usage may vary.
  • There might be additional cost for prescribed medication after surgery.
  • Main decisive factor is amount of baldness and number of grafts required to be transplanted.
  • Main surgeon may require a team of assistant surgeons to complete the procedure in predetermined duration that might also add to cost.
  • It also depends on procedure used by the surgeon for hair transplant.
  • Experience and efficiency of surgeon and his team may also cause variation in overall cost of the surgery.

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